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Our littlest students are surrounded by sights and sounds, and shapes and colors that encourage them to explore their world. Our caring and nurturing teachers establish a routine that helps the children eat and sleep when necessary and have fun all the other time.

Toddler One


Children begin their transition from the infant room to the classroom in the Toddler One class. Here they learn to play together, take turns, share toys and sit quietly to do a quick craft or listen to a story.

Toddler Two


In the Toddler Two class, children learn to sit at circle time and participate in daily activities like singing familiar songs and reciting the numbers, the alphabet and the days of the week. There are songs and simple crafts and activities that let the children become familiar with key learning routines. This is the class where we help parents with potty training and prepare the children for the Preschool class.




Preschool (3-4 year olds)


Children in our preschool class begin their day with morning circle time where they salute the flag,  review sight words, listen to a story,  and discuss what will be taking place that day. Outside they play on the larger section of the playground with their balance beam and obsticle course equipment.

Pre-K (4-5 year olds)


Kindergarten readiness is important in the Pre-K class where the children not only continue to learn how to play together, they are divided into small groups to learn fundamental reading, writing and math. Color coded centers give everyone a chance to explore different activities including science and dramatic play.


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