What are the hours of operation?

We are open from 7:00 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening, Monday through Friday.


What type of security do you have in the school and how do families/visitors enter the building?
We have over a dozen cameras throughout our preschool, including in our outside playground. Computer monitors in our offices will enable us to see everything going on in all our classrooms, halls and outside. Parents can request to view these monitors at any time.


All doors leading out of the building are locked from the inside. There is a door bell and keypad at our one main entrance.  Families receive their own personal security code to access the building. New visitors to the school are met at the front door and escorted around the school by a staff member.


What will be served for lunch?
Lunch is included with the monthly tuition. We will provide a well-balanced, nutritional lunch each day brought in from local caterers. Entrees include chicken tenders, turkey sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, pizza, veggies and fresh fruit. Parents bring in a package of appropriate snacks once a month to share with the class.
What can the young students look forward to?
Warm, friendly smiles will greet the children every morning, making them excited to enter their classroom and making it easy for parents to get on with their day. Fun and creative lessons and activities will encourage the children to want to learn. They will build strong social skills by learning and playing together in a nurturing, enthusiastic atmosphere. Special enrichment activities, including Spanish, yoga, music and fit kidz will also spark excitement and anticipation.

What can parents expect when they bring their child to Jenn’s Junction?
They can rest assured that their child will be well cared for and encouraged to embark on a life-long love for learning. In addition, they can look forward to daily updates that let them know just what their child did each day. 

Parents who never had their child in a preschool before, love to receive the photos we send them of their child during the day that show how the child is adjusting to their school and new friends.

Is there an outdoor playground?
There is a spacious playground in front of the school entrance (at the rear of the actual building.) There are two sections, one for toddlers and one for the older students. Outdoor activities help children further strengthen their gross motor skills and learn to play with each other.


What information will be needed to begin the enrollment process?

If you choose to enroll your child in Jenn's Junction, a $100 deposit per family will begin the process. This fee will be applied to your youngest child's last month's tuition bill at the school. Once we receive the deposit you will be given an enrollment packet. The packet will include an outline of school policies, various consent forms, and questionnaires that will gather necessary information about your child(ren). Please note that an updated immunization record must be submitted by the first day the child starts attending Jenn's Junction. In addition, the state requires all children enrolled in preschool to receive their flu shot each year.

How can parents learn more about the school and discuss enrolling their child or children?
They can call 973-519-0512 or email info@jennsjunction.com.


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